January To Do

Zone 8/8b

[Monthly To Do List] with rose & flower background

To support one of our tenants, agricultural education, we’ll share some helpful “to-dos” specific to Zone 8/8b each month for local growers. With a week of nice weather ahead of us, it’s a perfect time to jump-start your outdoor cleaning as well as get your growing plans/spaces ready for the upcoming season. The other monthly posts will be on the 1st since they will have date-sensitive information for planting/harvesting.

  • Add garden record-keeping to your routine. Make a note of which varieties of flowers and vegetables do best in your grow space
  • Contact seed companies for new catalogs and make plans for the coming seasons. Here are some that I use: Baker Creek
  • Look over the previous planting, fertilizing, and spraying records. Make notes to reorder successful or favorite varieties/supplies
  • Decide crop rotation, and start carpentry projects – new raised beds, trellis, etc.
  • Collect indoor seed starting equipment, you’ll need lights, heat mats, sterile medium, and your preferred pot type
  • Wash and sterilize seed-starting containers, if used

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